Added 2/1/09  One man's account of the wall and its removal,  By David Miller


An article published back in the 1970’s Kalamazoo Gazette




Wall Lake’s Mysterious Wall May Fade into History


By KATHLEEN MUDGE Gazette Staff Correspondent. 

Delton, Mich., March 26.  Wall Lake’s mysterious “wall,” which defied time and tides for untold ages, may fall victim, in part to modern man and machines.

            The wall stretches across the opening to a small inlet on the northeast side of the lake.  How did it get there?

            It is the favorite question debated by fisherman, visitors, and residents of the lake, one of the largest in Barry County.


*  *  *

LEGEND has it that the Indians who lived in this area shortly before the white man came built it.  According to the theory, the Indians would drive fish from the lake through openings in the wall and trap them in the inlet where they could be caught easily. 

James “Tinker” Harrington, well known Wall Lake resident has studied the mystery for nearly three-quarters of a century.  He says that the later-day Indians who inhabited the area were a lazy people and would not have bothered to construct such a wall.  He believes the wall is the work of the ancient Mound Builders.

Hope Township Supervisor George Eddy and his brother, Elliot, and Mrs. Sarah Craven, all senior citizens of the area are sure that 75 years ago the water never reached its present high level and that the rocks stuck above the surface of the lake at all times. 


*  *  * 

BUT DESPITE its historic value, the wall is proving a problem to boaters on the lake.  Although rocks have been pushed aside to provide a channel for boats, rocks hidden under the surface of the water are a menace to boats and motors of persons unfamiliar with the wall.

Seven families of summer people have cottages along the cove by the wall and are of a divided opinion about removing part or all of the rocks.  Some of the cottage owners are reportedly negotiating with a contractor for removal of enough of the wall to permit easy and safe passage of motorboats.





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