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Wall Lake is picture perfect and now you can share yours.   Just e-mail your pictures with any caption you want to appear to pictures@wall-lake.com and we will take care of the rest.  Please try to keep the size of the pictures to less than 700kb.   Listed from newest to oldest.

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Sunset 6/12/08

Thanks Rob and Dianne

Winter Sunset

Thanks Rob and Dianne

1920 Freak Tree, from the David Miller Collection

Wishing Tree

Cat Tails


Full Moon Evening

Point Entrance

The sand bather.

~How peaceful~

The map turtle.

Matthew catches a turtle.

Lets go for a boat ride!

Cheering on their favorite sail boat.

Summer Sail Boat Races

4th of July Boat Parade

Parade foto

If we gave awards this boat would get one!

Will with the 2 pounder that lives under our boatlift.

Ava with a dragonfly that just emerged from a nymph.

Spring Storm 4/9/2008

Icy Shadows 3/29/08

Tubing on Wall Lake!

Setting out for the 4th of July parade

Labor Day Weekend 2007

Justin Tyler enjoying the sun after a day of swimming at Wall Lake.

Grandson caught this largemouth Bass (20" and weighed @ 5 lb.) on 6/28/07.

Jenga anyone?


Try this one as a desktop background

Calm Waters

Storm May 8, 2007

Reeled in by Ava and deftly landed in the landing net by Will.

Click Here: Video of bald eagle attacking coots on Wall Lake

Grandson's biggest largemouth bass

caught 8/20/06 (18 inch, 4 lb.) -Ed

This 42.5 inch pike was caught between the point and the fountain

Good Year blimp over Beechwood Pt.

Photo taken sometime in the 80's..

Does anyone know exact date?

Harvest Moon

Fall 2005

The sun set on another summer night at Wall Lake

Funky clouds

Lift Off!

Touch and goes

Aug 1 2005

Where is one of those fake plastic owls when you need um?

Swan family as seen on channel 3's picture of the day July 2005

The Wall Lake frog

Notice how great wall lake t-shirts look!

Sunrise on another beautiful day.

Thanks George!

Birds over wall lake.


Brian and Shannon Showing off their prize wall lake bass.

They were then released

Thanks Dave

Updated Baby swan picture


Picture the weather 7-8-05

Colin age 1, discovers wall lake.

4th of July boat parade 2005

Fireworks over Wall Lake

Arial photo of the point

Beechwood Point

Watch Out!

It's Mark in open water.



Commercial flight into GR


Another Sunset

Swan Family June 2005

Unknown boaters

Pilot over Wall Lake Memorial Day 2005

Dusk April 2005